Sunday, August 19, 2007

Week before my special day =)

Now it just a week left before my special day. Actually dulu tak der sambut sangat pun birthday nie. Just kekadang kawan2 wish jer. Huhu. The one that i really remembered was the one party made by my friend. It was so nice party celebrated by my house mate and closest friend. Not to forget the best present i ever got, mp3 and chess board which i like it sooo much. Haha still remember i arranged the board on my table and make one move everyday until one side got checkmated. =)

Hurm...actually im not very happy nowadays. Dont know what exactly i have to do. It is like your king has being trapped by bishop and knight (if you know the mate making by those two) defenseless. Although you still got many pieces compare to your opponent but still being forced by the mate style. Everything has become useless, nobody is there to help, and time keeps going as it never wants you to keep thinking anymore. Now the only thing to do is just resign or wait for the time to get over. Soon or now you still lose the game. And yeah my brother once told me when he was playing at the national chess federation, when his opponent all of sudden conquered the game, he felt like his head was shocked by elecric. Everything was shutting down until he cannot take the next move ^^;;.

Oh ya yesterday i bought music keyboard thru the internet using Hadi's account since i dont hv any gmarket account. Hehe to be sincere, i dont ever know how to play this stuff actually. But because i think i should know how to play one of the music instrument, i just buy one and try to learn by internet class. Hope it will works =) .

And yesterday night i tried to ride hadi's bike and yus' bike while we were playing RC car at annyang chon. At first it was so hard, but after 3 or 4 times trying i can ride it smoothly. Just need to control balance and get used to the gear changing quickly. Huhu so my next step is to take the license and buy new bike =)... i want new bike !! hehe

Hurm..oh yes, realize or not i have done so many new things in my life in order to get myself ready before stepping into 21 years old. One more thing i should do is, hafaz again ayat2 alquran and for this i will try my best =) Insya Allah.

Friends, please pray for me so i can get immuned with everything happened in my life. Deep into my heart i always cry for Allah's guide. Ameen.....

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